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The French Team Win Gordon Bennett 2013 Gas Balloon Race

31st August 2013 News

  The French Team 1 with pilots Leys & Houver won the Gordon Bennett 2013 Gas Balloon Race flying 1402 km in 73 hours and 33 minutes. The German team, Willi Eimers and Zenge came in second place at 1382 km in 60 hours and 12 minutes- we salute them!     Clive and Paul came […]

Clive and Paul Land Safely

25th August 2013 News

At 7.10 pm tonight Clive Bailey & Paul Spellward in their gas balloon Lady Britannia landed in near Stenay in a forest in France, due to bad weather looking at coming in close proximity and not being able to cross Paris at low level at night. They have had an a difficult flight due to […]

Sitting Pretty at 11,000 feet!

25th August 2013 News

  Clive & Paul are at 11, 000 feet travelling north trying to work out which are the best winds for them to pick up.       They are in fine spirits at the moment but the race is going to be a particularly tough one with many excellent and experienced gas balloonists.

Take Off Just After 5:00pm

25th August 2013 News

  After a long day of preparations and (delays caused by the wet weather) Spellward and his co-pilot Clive Bailey were the 3rd balloon to be launched at just after 5 am.         They lifted off with the balloon lit up by a spotlight and to the sound of the national anthem […]

Getting Ready To Launch For The Gordon Bennett 2013

24th August 2013 News

  This afternoon briefing has called the Gordon Bennett Gas Balloon Race 2013 flight on to next stage.         So Clive & Paul are getting ready and will inflate early evening. The first take offs are scheduled for 9.30 pm (English time!) and they will be the third to take off.   […]

Gas Balloon Briefings and Sandbags

23rd August 2013 News

  Clive and Paul arrived in Nancy last night and after tucking into steak and chips headed to bed! Clive and Paul travelled from Bristol along with Elaine (Paul’s wife) and Peter Mossman who are crewing and retrieving for them. They were towing the gas balloon, basket and trailer packed all their equipment. Remember you […]

Clive Bailey & Paul Spellward set off for France to start the Gordon Bennett 2013 Gas Balloon Race

22nd August 2013 News

  Clive Bailey & Paul Spellward have set off for France after spending the last few weeks sorting out their equipment and planning for their Gordon Bennett Gas Balloon Race. The aim of the race is to see which balloon can fly the furthest from the launch site which this year is in Nancy. Clive […]

Bristol balloons fly at dawn

22nd August 2013 Hot Air Balloons in the UK

Bristol’s annual International Balloon Fiesta kicked off in style with a mass hot air balloon launch, which saw 25 fabulous hot air balloons take

The Red Arrows, RAF Typhoon & The Breitling WingWalkers

19th August 2013 News

The Red Arrows did a fabulous display at the Bristol Balloon Fiesta.         Clive had helped arrange for them to attend the fiesta and was in radio contact with them for the display. We just love them!     The RAF Typhoon is a noisy beast of a plane but what an […]

Memories of Bristol Balloon Fiesta 2013

15th August 2013 News

Bristol International Balloon Fiesta 2013 has been hailed as the best yet! It was certainly a fantastic Fiesta with us flying five out of the seven slots.         We flew with four hot air balloons there including our Bailey Balloon, the Big Red Original balloon, the Anana Balloon and The One Show […]