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Top tips for creating a mini hot air balloon

25th July 2014 Jo Bailey Features

Making your own mini hot air balloon is much easier than you might think, so why not get stuck in and create your own fully working balloon today? Here are our top tips for

New Jersey gets ready for BalloonFest

24th July 2014 Jo Bailey Hot Air Balloons at Events

An upcoming event in the eastern United States will soon see the skies filled with hot air balloons of all colours. Summer is a prime time for

Subway and Bailey Balloons

21st July 2014 Jo Bailey News

  We are delighted to part of a competition set up by Subway, to win as first prize, two hot air balloon flights at the Bristol Balloon Fiesta 7-10th August. The second prize is 3 lots of VIP tickets and parking to go to the Fiesta. All you need to do…

How hot air balloons are made

18th July 2014 Jo Bailey Features

A hot air balloon is simply a large envelope of material that, when filled with gas, is able to lift off into the sky and float along. It is able to do this thanks to the displacement of air. If you have ever wondered how a

Charity to get own hot air balloon

10th July 2014 Jo Bailey Hot Air Balloons at Events

Above and Beyond, who raise funds for patient care in South West hospitals, has teamed up with the popular Bristol International Balloon Fiesta in order to raise more money for their cause. Local company

Flying over Wiltshire: why Swindon is a great balloon trip destination

5th July 2014 Jo Bailey Features

If you are thinking about taking a trip in a hot air balloon, but you aren’t quite sure where you would like to take your ride, you might want to consider starting your journey in Swindon. The town is located in the county of Wiltshire and it is the perfect…

Awards, Awards!

3rd July 2014 Jo Bailey News

This year has been the year of awards for Bailey Balloons! Can you believe that we have reaped five impressive awards in just a few months? At the Bristol Tourism and Hospitality Awards we won the “Access for All” Award. At the Visit Bath Awards (Bath Hospitality, Events & Tourism Awards)…