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Albuquerque balloon event kicks off in style

30th October 2014 Jo Bailey Hot Air Balloons at Events

The largest hot air balloon festival in the world recently took place in the south-western United States. Hot on the heels of popular UK events that offered

Three great countries for hot air ballooning

27th October 2014 Jo Bailey Features

Hot air balloons are a great way to see the world, as ballooning can give you a unique perspective on the landscapes that make up an area, which simply would not be possible with many other modes of transport. The following three countries are

Five competitive forms of hot air ballooning

24th October 2014 Jo Bailey Features

When most people think about competitive ballooning, they think about hot air balloon races, in which the fastest person to fly from A to B is the winner. It is true that these are the most

Daring underground hot air balloon flight completed successfully

16th October 2014 Jo Bailey Hot Air Balloons Pilots

Hot air balloon rides, from Gloucester to Ghana, are extremely common, but there are not many that could match one of the most unusual flights ever to have taken place, which occurred recently in the Balkans. An Austrian hot air balloon pilot flew