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What to look out for when flying around Bristol

23rd July 2015 Jo Bailey Hot Air Balloon Rides

When people take a balloon trip from Bristol, they tend to focus initially on what can be seen in the city. This is unsurprising because Bristol has

Ballooning over the Cotswolds from Bath

18th July 2015 Jo Bailey Hot Air Balloon Rides

The Cotswolds are a famous part of the English countryside. The area straddles various county boundaries and Bath is on

Bristol manufacturer builds solar powered hot air balloon

16th July 2015 Jo Bailey Balloon Ride Innovation

In a city known for its innovations in the hot air balloon industry, one

Sights to see when ballooning from Bath

15th July 2015 Jo Bailey Hot Air Balloon Rides

A balloon flight from the historic city of Bath is

How to make the most of a Bristol staycation

6th July 2015 Jo Bailey Features

When a city has a unique identity like Bristol, the first-time tourist does not always know where to begin if they want to have a special holiday there. The city in South West England has a genuine buzz about it these days, in part because its residents have created a…

Ideal weather for balloon flights in the South West

4th July 2015 Jo Bailey Features

A balloon flight over the Bristol area can be a wonderful experience. Certainly, tourists really get an awful lot of pleasure when the weather is perfect for their trip. While a balloon may not be able to go up in extremely poor conditions, when the weather is

Ballooning over Gloucester

2nd July 2015 Jo Bailey Features

Taking a balloon journey in the region near Bristol can easily lead to some special views of Gloucestershire. As the crow flies, Gloucester, its county town, is just over

98-year-old takes to the skies in hot air balloon

Jo Bailey Hot Air Balloon News

Proving that you are never too old for adventure, 98-year-old Hazel Green, who is from Weybridge, impressed one Ebernoe hot air balloon pilot when