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Taking time to appreciate Bath’s churches

05/03/2017 amy Tourism

Bath has a rich Christian heritage, which is reflected in a number of impressive church buildings. Perhaps the most interesting way to appreciate the beauty of Bath’s city centre churches is to book a hot air ballooning experience in

What to expect on a balloon flight over Bath

03/03/2017 Mark Hot Air Balloon Rides

Bath is one of Britain’s most visited tourist attractions, and features numerous Roman and Georgian buildings. To see the city in a unique manner, book a hot air ballooning experience over Bath. A bird’s eye view is

Bath is the UK’s number one feel-good city

01/03/2017 amy Tourism

According to website, in a recent survey Bath was named the top feel-good city. Respondents of the survey said that they felt more relaxed in the city than other UK tourist destinations. Many said

St David’s Day

Jo Bailey News

Happy St David’s Day from Bailey Balloons! This day is celebrated widely across Wales but who was St David and why is it celebrated? St David’s day is the feast day of Saint David and falls on March 1st each year. Happy St David’s day translates to Dydd Gwŷl Dewi…