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Nottingham hot air ballooners celebrate club’s 40th anniversary

27th November 2018 Mark Hot Air Balloon Stories

A members’ ballooning club in the East Midlands has recently turned 40 years old. When Nottinghamshire businessman John Webster started

Make a hot air balloon ride the highlight of your romantic Bath weekend

26th November 2018 Mark Tourism

The historic city of Bath is ones of Britain’s best loved tourist destinations, and is also a favourite destination to enjoy a romantic weekend.

Explore the history of Bath from a hot air balloon

20th November 2018 amy Hot Air Balloon Rides

Evidence of Bath’s long history can be seen from the air on a hot air balloon flight. Exactly which sights you will see on a flight depends on the direction and speed on

Weston-super-Mare artist celebrated as award-winning aerial photographer

14th November 2018 amy Balloon Ride Innovation

The winners of the Landscape Photographer of the Year for 2018 were announced in mid-October, and local photographer Alex Wolfe-Warman took home the prize for the Urban View award. Now in its 12th year, the

Bailey Balloons Black Friday Offer

6th November 2018 Jo Bailey News

After huge demand over the past few years, Bailey Balloons are offering another Black Friday Mega Deal for 2018!  50 lucky people will get a HUGE discount on our Hot Air Balloon Flight Vouchers as part of our amazing Black Friday deal.

How far can you fly in a hot air balloon?

2nd November 2018 Mark Hot Air Balloon Rides

An average hot air balloon flight takes about an hour, but it is not easy to predict how far the balloon will fly in that time. The first manned flight of a

Hot air balloon festival for North Somerset announced

1st November 2018 amy Hot Air Balloons at Events

Putting the ‘super’ into Weston-super-Mare, Somerset locals are looking forward to welcoming the seaside resort’s first hot air balloon festival, set to take off in November. Hot on the