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Hot air balloons to take to Venusian skies

29th January 2019 Mark Balloon Ride Innovation

Last month, NASA scientists announced their intention to send specially adapted hot air balloons to Venus as part of ongoing international research into the composition of the mysterious orb. Venus is the second planet from

Hot air ballooning – a Bristolian adventure with a difference

24th January 2019 amy Hot Air Balloon Rides

Creative, quirky, and perennially on-trend, the city of Bristol is a firm favourite with tourists from the UK and from further afield. Drawn to its reputation for subversive art, independent thinking, and

Discover the charms of Bristol from the sky

22nd January 2019 Mark Hot Air Balloon Rides

The cool and trendy city of Bristol is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the UK. Nestled in the Severn Estuary, Bristol enjoys some of the warmest weather and most sunshine in the country thanks to its

Sussex couple to attempt record-breaking trans-Atlantic ballooning feat

14th January 2019 Mark Hot Air Balloon Stories

Thrill-seekers Mike Scholes and Debbie Day from Burgess Hill will make their record-breaking attempt to travel by hot air balloon from Dartmouth in