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Information and Directions for Bristol Balloon Fiesta 2019

30th July 2019 Jo Bailey Hot Air Balloon News, Hot Air Balloons at Events, News

With Bailey Balloons you will take to the skies with up to 120 balloons and some of the most incredible special shaped hot air balloons. When you buy a champagne flight voucher to fly at the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta you will receive a special launch site pass and you…

Prizewinning artists unveils 100-foot tall mirror balloon

23rd July 2019 Mark Hot Air Balloon Stories

California-based artist Doug Aitken has revealed the fruits of his latest commission; a 100 foot tall hot air balloon covered in a Mylar reflective coating which will travel to various destinations in the USA on a

Experience a hot air balloon adventure in Bath

18th July 2019 Mark Features

The skies over Bath offer an incredibly diverse location for a hot air balloon flight. Steeped in ancient history and architectural wonder, the

Zombie horror show heroes make escape by hot air balloon

16th July 2019 Mark Hot Air Balloons and Celebrities

Fans of The Walking Dead spin-off TV show Fear the Walking Dead were enthralled and amused this week as some of the principal characters attempted a daring rescue by hot air balloon. During this season, the

Daring true story of East German escape comes to big screen

2nd July 2019 amy Hot Air Balloon Stories

This week sees this UK premiere of director Michael Herbig’s German-language film ‘Balloon’. The epic true story tells of how two families attempt to escape the regime of East Germany by flying into West Germany in