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Rosie Bailey On Blue Peter At The Bristol Balloon Fiesta

03/01/2013 Jo Bailey News


In the Summer, Rosie Bailey, aged 12 was filmed by the Blue Peter film crew at the Bristol Balloon Fiesta for a Blue Peter programme that went out on 11th October 2012.




Rosie also took her friend, Amy flying for the first time as well as the Blue Peter presenter.







The Blue Peter film crew followed around for a few hours wahtching her help with setting up the balloon.





The presenter, was very scared off heights and Rosie had to keep him calm and tell him that it was safe and not at all frightening!




When they were in the basket, Rosie explainded about how the balloon worked.






You can watch the programme here http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01ncrz4/Blue_Peter_11_10_20

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