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Flights for special occasions

A hot air balloon flight makes the perfect gift for any special occasion. The balloon basket always has a great party atmosphere as everybody is enjoying a special treat for their own special occasion whilst drifting in the balloon. On landing we crack open the chilled champagne and all raise a toast to a wonderful balloon flight experience!

Hot air ballooning is fully weather dependent, so we can’t always guarantee that you will be able to fly on the exact date of your special occasion. We can, however, guarantee that balloon ride vouchers make an amazing gift to give on the day itself, with the flight something to look forward to when it happens.

Virgin Balloon Flights can provide you with the ultimate experience gift voucher, presented and delivered in time for that special day, a great gift idea! We can personalise the hot air balloon gift voucher with your message printed onto the flight voucher, a ballooning memento that can be remembered and treasured forever.

Why not send the gift voucher along with a helium filled balloon, captured and eager for release from an 18” square candy-striped box? The gift voucher will be attached to the balloon with ribbons and will gently float up and out of the box with the balloon when the box is opened.
We will guarantee delivery of the balloon on the day of your choice!

We specialise in showing our passengers a fantastic time and will tailor make your ballooning experience to suit your needs!