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Balloon Advertising & Sponsorship

While Bailey Balloons passenger rides are now operated by Virgin Balloon Flights, we will continue to offer balloon advertising and sponsorship services through Clive and Jo.

More information will be available here soon.

Balloons are innovative and attention-capturing media vehicles. Used to generate publicity at events such as balloon fiestas, major sporting occasions, outdoor shows and events that attract television coverage, balloons provide ideal and effective opportunities to create interest in a product or organisation. Not only do advertising balloons develop awareness and interest, they are also capable of generating desire and action in almost any target audience.

Are you currently fighting for advertising space on billboards or in newspapers and magazines? Why not optimise the skies? In what other way could your brand be as difficult to miss or as impossible to ignore?

Flying over a city the size of Bristol or Bath draws huge attention and has a strong, memorable effect on all those who see them. The visual impact and amount of publicity is increased dramatically when the balloons are seen flying in mass at festivals, fiestas or balloon races.

At Bailey Balloons our experience and unbeatable safety record really does speak for itself, a professional balloon operating and Management Company, which brings together a wealth of experience as operators of hot air balloons in both the advertising and passenger flight sectors.

Our clients include EDF Energy, Discovery Channel, DS Smith Packaging, Bristol & West Building Society, Bass, Motorola, Red Letter Days, Somerfield and Brunel Ford.


Research Carried out in the US suggests that the direct cost of balloon advertising ‘per thousand opportunities to see’ is lower than the figure for newspapers, posters, radio or television. Furthermore, these figures only took into account people who actually saw the balloon, not the ‘editorial’ press and television coverage of this very visual medium.

Bailey Balloons can help you to ensure your promotional objectives are not only met but also exceeded. The launch and landing of a hot air balloon will always draw a crowd of onlookers whether it is 600 at a village fair, 60,000 at a major festival or county show or millions if the event is televised.

A balloon is a powerful corporate entertaining tool as well. Clients, competition prize-winners, journalists and company staff are all potential passengers for your balloon.

PR coverage can also be enhanced if your balloon sets a new record of some kind (something Jo and Clive Bailey are not strangers to!). Carefully planned stunts with PR back-up can produce large amounts of media coverage which in terms of equivalent advertising spend can more than justify the balloon expenditure time and time again.