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French DJs take to skies for COVID-secure concert

23/11/2020 amy Hot Air Balloons at Events

A group of French DJs has provided a much needed morale boost by hosting an

Black Friday Discount Code 2020

13/11/2020 Jo Bailey Uncategorised

Our Bailey Balloons popular Black Friday discount offer is back for 2020.  On 27th November 2020, you can use the code emailed out to you for a HUGE discount on our Gold ‘Anytime’ Champagne Balloon Flight Voucher- valid for the first 50 people to use it.  If you are looking…

Udder balloon spotted in Viennese skies

09/11/2020 Mark Hot Air Balloon Rides

This month saw the launch of a brand-new piece of public art by the artist Barbara Anna Husar. “FLYING UDDER” is a 3,500 cubic metre hot air balloon in the shape of

Hot air balloons take to skies above ancient temple

26/10/2020 amy Hot Air Balloon Rides

Hot on the heels of their hot air ballooning successes over the charming chimney of Cappadocia – which has become one of the most iconic air balloon flights in the world – the Culture and Tourism Provincial Directorate of Turkey this month announced a brand new air balloon trip over…

Wallace and Gromit take to the skies for charity

12/10/2020 Mark Hot Air Balloons and Celebrities

Two of Bristol’s most famous residents took off from the ballooning capital of the country and headed out on an epic adventure round the world to raise money for the

Telford hosts hot air balloon festival alternative

28/09/2020 amy Hot Air Balloons at Events

Recently, the Shropshire town of Telford hosted a ‘Look Up’ event to delight local residents as a socially distanced alternative to its planned third annual

Four amazing buildings to behold in Bath

18/09/2020 Mark Features

If you’re sailing across the skies on a hot air balloon ride across Bath, there are many sights to see, from landscaped gardens like Prior Park to

The ballooning history of Bath’s Sydney Gardens

17/09/2020 amy Features

Today, hot air balloons are a renowned sight on the Bath skyline, but many onlookers from the ground are unaware just how long these lighter-than-air aircraft have

Hot air balloons take to Isle of Wight skies

14/09/2020 Mark Hot Air Balloons at Events

Despite the challenges 2020 has posed to just about all industries, last month’s Sky High Night Glow marked a high point for

Most unusual things to do in a hot air balloon

28/08/2020 Mark Features

From duels in the sky to animal passengers on the first flight, there’s no doubt that many unusual events have occurred in hot air balloons. What can appear to be an everyday activity or standard annual occasion can become a fun-filled and exciting experience when it occurs onboard such an…