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What is the age limit for a hot air balloon ride?

19/05/2022 Mark Features

Taking a hot air balloon ride is an experience that no other can quite match. An aeroplane might give you some of the excitement of soaring above the clouds, but the serene drift of a balloon allows you to savour every minute you

Rangers fans beg hot air balloonists for transport to Seville

12/05/2022 jenny Hot Air Balloon News

Desperate football fans took desperate measures this week to try to secure safe passage to Seville in Spain for the final of the Europa League due to take place there

Isle of Wight to welcome back ballooning bonanza

25/04/2022 Mark Hot Air Balloons at Events

Hot air ballooning organisers announced this month the return of the Official Isle of Wight Festival next month. The ballooning bonanza will

New hot air balloon camping adventures released in Sweden

11/04/2022 amy Hot Air Balloon News

This month saw the launch of a brand-new hot air balloon adventure for travellers intrepid enough to voyage all the way to

Al’-Ula hosts hot air ballooning world record breaking feat

25/03/2022 jenny Hot Air Balloon Records

The Saudi Arabian city of Al’-Ula this month hosted the world’s largest ever hot air balloon glow show.

Why you should consider a corporate balloon ride

23/03/2022 Mark Hot Air Balloon Rides

The world of business is a highly competitive one and that means companies always need to be on the lookout for a way to gain an edge over their rivals. That applies both to retaining top members of staff and to gaining new

English Tourism Week 2022: What balloon rides offer

21/03/2022 amy Tourism

English Tourism Week got underway last Friday and continues until March 27. The 10 days are intended to celebrate the economic and social value of the tourism industry to the country and emphasise its

Hot air balloon society to honour ballooning’s finest

11/03/2022 amy Hot Air Balloon News

The Balloon Society of Kentucky announced this month its intention to honour two of its finest and most pioneering hot air balloon pilots with a brand-new exhibition, which will detail aspects of the society’s

International Women’s Day 8th March 2022!

06/03/2022 Jo Bailey Balloon Ride Innovation, Features, Hot Air Balloon History, Hot Air Balloon Stories

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we are looking back at some of the most influential women in hot air ballooning. As far back as the late 1700s women have been involved in hot air ballooning. After the Montgolfier brothers demonstrated the first ever tethered flight with humans on board in…

Akagera welcomes new hot air balloon adventure rides

24/02/2022 Mark Hot Air Balloon Stories

Akagera National Park is the jewel in the crown of the Rwandan tourist experience. The largest protected wetland in Central Africa, Akagera is home to lions, elephants, buffaloes, leopards and black rhinos, amongst other endangered species. This month, the Rwanda Development Board announced a brand-new addition to this tourist experience…