How do you steer a hot air balloon?

22nd February 2018    Hot Air Balloon Rides

Unlike aeroplanes and helicopters, hot air balloons have steering restrictions. A hot air balloon pilot can ascend or descend, but has very limited means to steer left or

What are hot air balloons made of?

20th February 2018    Hot Air Balloon Manufacture

Hot air balloons seem almost magical as they float in the air. People love to watch them and those who ride in them describe their flight as a “peak” experience. Hot air balloons are a safe and secure way of flying, but not many people consider what their composition. In case you are curious, here’s […]

Hot air balloons added to Telford Kite Festival

15th February 2018    Hot Air Balloons at Events

It has been announced that hot air balloons will be added to the annual Telford Kite Festival for the first time in 2018, making the event bigger than ever before. Lindstrand Technologies has been

Hot air balloons ready to hit the Alps

26th January 2018    Hot Air Balloons at Events

More than 20 pilots and over 100 hot air balloons have made their way to the Swiss Alps to take part in the annual Festival International de Ballons. The event takes place in

Proposing in a Hot Air Balloon

25th January 2018    General, News

When you’re in love it’s like floating on air! You’ll know that they are the right one for you if they can make you feel like you’re weightless again and again. Making that next step – asking that special someone to marry you can be stressful… If you are looking for a creative and memorable […]

Make a hot air balloon ride the highlight of your Bath romantic weekend

22nd January 2018    Tourism

Bath is in many ways the perfect location for a romantic weekend. There are some outstanding places to stay and eat, the historic buildings are stunning and there are plenty of parks to wander in. If you want to make a