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Hot air balloons to give boost to space tourism

29th June 2020 Mark Hot Air Balloon Stories

Space Perspectives, a USA-based space tourist company, announced last week that it was reviving plans to take tourists to space. This time, the

Hot air ballooning starts return across Europe

16th June 2020 Mark Hot Air Balloon News

The recent lockdown has presented a challenging obstacle to hot air balloon enthusiasts across the world.

From where was Uranus discovered?

13th June 2020 Mark Features

The seventh planet of the solar system is actually visible to the naked eye – if you know where to look – but it was the first planet discovered using a telescope. Once it was discovered, the

What should you wear in a hot air balloon ride?

12th June 2020 Mark Features

You are gearing up for your big trip. Maybe it is the first time you have been in a hot air balloon. You cannot wait to take some amazing pictures, and see some awesome sights, but you also

York balloon festival gives innovative response to COVID-19 shutdown

2nd June 2020 Mark Hot Air Balloons in the UK

Lockdown has seen many get-togethers and festivals cancelled – and ballooning events are no exception – but the intrepid organisers of a balloon festival in North Yorkshire have come up with an innovative solution to

Norwich hot air balloon enthusiast continues fundraising in lockdown

19th May 2020 Mark Features

The lockdown may have put a temporary pause on our day-to-day activities, but for a pensioner from Norwich, quarantine is no deterrent to her determination to raise money for Marie Curie cancer care in the

Hot air balloon photography helps unravel Stonehenge mystery

28th April 2020 amy Hot Air Balloon Stories

The famous standing stones in Wiltshire have been baffling people for centuries and it is thanks to aerial photos from a hot air balloon that some of these questions have been answered.

How Bristol became the ballooning capital of the country

17th April 2020 Mark Features

To say that hot air ballooning in Bristol is a big deal would be an understatement. From its history as the birthplace of modern ballooning, to its present as at

Hot air balloon flights during COVID-19

16th April 2020 Mark Hot Air Balloons in the UK

During this period of national lockdown, we have taken the difficult but necessary decision to suspend all Bailey Balloon flights until it is safe to take to the

New world record for sky-diving hot air balloonist

14th April 2020 amy Hot Air Balloon Records

Hot air balloon enthusiasts can be a dare-devilling bunch and Marc Hauser is no exception. This month, the Swiss national took to the skies