Bad weather scuppers solar balloon record attempt

19th April 2018    Balloon Ride Innovation

A team of engineers recently attempted to break the world record for the highest ascent of a hot air balloon in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but were foiled by the weather. The solar balloon is

What’s the best time to fly in a hot air balloon?

18th April 2018    Hot Air Balloon Rides

Most balloon flights take off within two hours of sunset or sunrise, but what time is best?

Curious stories from hot air ballooning’s past

17th April 2018    Hot Air Balloon History

A hot air balloon flight is a great experience. People celebrate birthdays and anniversaries on balloon flights, and they offer a fantastic way to say

Inflating a Hot Air Balloon

7th April 2018    General, News, Uncategorised

Hot air Balloons are a mysterious wonder that many people don’t know much about.  You may be thinking of going on a balloon ride, have been given a voucher for a special occasion or seen the balloons floating peacefully by on a sunny day and it might have you thinking, how does it work?  Well […]

Durham balloon festival to return for second outing

4th April 2018    Hot Air Balloons at Events

A hot air ballooning event is set to take place in Durham later this year, as the Balloons InDurham fiesta is confirmed as returning for another year. Event organisers the

Virtual vs. real hot air ballooning

31st March 2018    Hot Air Balloon Rides

A new virtual reality (VR) experience lets people experience the thrill of riding in a hot air balloon without an actual balloon, but how does this