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Four amazing buildings to behold in Bath

18th September 2020 Mark Features

If you’re sailing across the skies on a hot air balloon ride across Bath, there are many sights to see, from landscaped gardens like Prior Park to

The ballooning history of Bath’s Sydney Gardens

17th September 2020 amy Features

Today, hot air balloons are a renowned sight on the Bath skyline, but many onlookers from the ground are unaware just how long these lighter-than-air aircraft have

Hot air balloons take to Isle of Wight skies

14th September 2020 Mark Hot Air Balloons at Events

Despite the challenges 2020 has posed to just about all industries, last month’s Sky High Night Glow marked a high point for

Most unusual things to do in a hot air balloon

28th August 2020 Mark Features

From duels in the sky to animal passengers on the first flight, there’s no doubt that many unusual events have occurred in hot air balloons. What can appear to be an everyday activity or standard annual occasion can become a fun-filled and exciting experience when it occurs onboard such an…

Longleat to host twilight night glow

24th August 2020 amy Hot Air Balloons at Events

The popular Longleat Estate in Wiltshire has added a new hot air balloon event to its

Checklist for a hot air balloon ride

21st August 2020 Mark Features

Riding across the skies in a hot air balloon is an exhilarating experience, but many passengers wonder what pre-flight preparations they should make. To help you prepare and ensure you have the most enjoyable time possible, we’ve compiled a handy checklist for

Balloon Fiesta organisers host socially distanced alternative

10th August 2020 amy Hot Air Balloons at Events

The 2020 edition of the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta was officially launched on Monday, August 3. Typically attended by around 200,000 visitors each year, new safety measures were taken this year in light of

We’ve Been Awarded An AA Covid Confident Accreditation

5th August 2020 Billy Rooney News

Bailey Balloons are delighted to announce that we have been awarded an AA Covid Confident accreditation. We hope that this award will give those flying with us that extra little bit of peace of mind, to know that they will be able to enjoy the dizzying heights of a private…

Thousands of ballooning fans descend on Taiwanese Balloon Festival

27th July 2020 Mark Hot Air Balloons at Events

This month saw the launch of the 10th annual balloon festival in Taitung County, Taiwan. Set amid the stunning mountain landscape of the Luye Plateau,

When was the first hot air balloon ride?

18th July 2020 amy Features

This history of modern hot air ballooning starts over the Channel in France. Here, it was on September 19, 1783 that the Montgolfier brothers first demonstrated the tethered flight of their aeronautical device to