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Hot Air Balloon Tethers

Holding a special event? A wedding, special birthday, garden party, summer ball, sports or charity event? Or launching a new product or holding a corporate event or conference?

Looking for a way to make the event more unique? More spectacular? What better way to draw in the crowds and support than with a tethered hot air balloon!

As well as being able to take your guests up for short rides if the winds are calm, a tethered balloon makes a spectacular attraction for any outdoor event.

Previous organisers have been delighted with the popularity of the balloon both as a visual background and guests being able to experience a tethered flight.

When inflated the balloon stands approximately 80 ft. tall and 70 ft. across. The balloon can take up to two to three people at a time, each for around 5-10 minutes, which will allow 30-40 of your guests to take balloon rides each hour.

As darkness falls on your event, the climax can begin! Your privileged guests will be witness to a breathtaking spectacle – your very own magical night glow! The sky becomes illuminated by giant light bulb/s, a sight which is sure to cause a stir!

During this operation we use the liquid burner, which makes a large yellow flame and lights up the whole balloon, making a giant, beautifully coloured light bulb. As you can imagine this creates a truly spectacular sight and is guaranteed to make your event a truly memorable one!!!

Tethered hot air balloon operations begin with the balloon being inflated as normal and flown up to a height of twenty metres. During the tether the balloon is secured in a triangular formation using three tether ropes, which are attached to the balloon basket. These ropes are secured to three vehicles. These ropes allow the balloon to float upwards and the pilot is able to fly the balloon back down using the balloons own power, just as it does in a normal hot air balloon flight.

With regard to space, you would need approximately, half the size of a football pitch (50m x 50m), with no overhead wires or cables.

We tailor our services to suit your individual requirements and are happy to discuss the balloon tether direct with the venue if you feel this would be helpful.

Please note the Civil Aviation Authority do not allow public transport flights in tethered balloons and you will, therefore, not be able to charge guests to take a tether ride, donations to charities are permitted.

We look forward to hearing from you with any questions or queries you may have – Contact us by email on sales@virginballoonflights.co.uk or call on 01952 212750.