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Meet the team

Virgin Balloon Flights has a team of highly experience pilots and crew that have flown in the South West around Bristol, Bath and South Wales for decades.

All pilots are fully qualified for commercial balloon rides, operating until the same strict levels of Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) regulations as commercial airline pilots.

Not only does their passion for ballooning set them apart, every year Virgin’s pilots have to pass a ‘refresher’ exam and an annual medical assessment in order to keep flying.

You really couldn’t be in better hands and there’s even a chance you might spot a familiar face from Bailey Balloons team below flying with Virgin in the future.


All of our pilots are extremely experienced. They are all fully qualified commercial pilots who operate under the similar strict codes of conduct and regulations of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) that commercial airline pilots are governed by. To become a commercial pilot, they have to first fly and take written and practical exams to obtain a private pilot’s licence (PPL) then after lots of flying experience and studying, take much harder written and practical exams to obtain their commercial licence. Every year they have to pass a practical flying examination under a CAA approved examiner and also have a regular class 2 medical. All of our pilots, as you can see from their very brief (and modest) CVs have a great passion for ballooning that has coloured their lives.

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