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Photos Of Clive & John’s Gas Balloon Flight & After He Landed

07/01/2013 Jo Bailey News


They had some fantastic views during their flight.


Clive and Jon watched the sunrise over Texas.




Then later as the sun went higher, the fields beacme clearer and showed the wonderful circle patterns!






At the moment, hard for us to believe here, but Texas is in drought.





Clive at 12,000 feet on Oxygen in the small wicker basket that was their home for two days.






The very welcoming famer – Clive & Jon touched his soya bean field just before they landed, they were so apologetic and the famer was laughing, he has 9,000 acres of beans!



The wonderful and very friendly and helpful family where Clive and Jon landed in Kentucky. A huge thank you to them!






When Clive & Jon were waiting for Mike & Ron, the retrieve crew, the farmer gave them a farm tour and ride in the biggest combine Clive had ever seen.

This great big combine is used by the farmer for two and half months each year.



Here is the balloon packed away and the team heading back on the long road journey to Albuquerque.





The retrieve crew Mike Mcdonald and Ron (shown with Jon) have been fantastic following Clive & Jon across many southern states of the US – complete stars – without them this flight wouldn’t have been possible.




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