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Hot Air Balloon Flights In March And April

20/04/2013 Jo Bailey News

Over the last few years we have found that our balloon rides have been very successful in March and April the latter of which is known to be traditionally windy and rainy. The last few years, as we all know far too well, have been very different weather wise particularly last year which was the second wettest on record this is according to data by the Met Office.
The total rainfall for the UK in 2012 was 1,330.7mm, which is just 6.6mm short of the record set in 2000. This effected how many times we could fly our hot air balloons as not only did rain stop us flying but the fields were incredibly wet. We cancelled flights last August due to not being able to get our vehicles in and out of the fields. In all of the 20 years of ballooning we had never experienced this before.
Last April and March, however, we flew far more than on average. This year we have only flown a few times in March and until now in April. This week-end looks like a turning point and we hope to be flying into next week as well.

It is frustrating for passengers when they are cancelled but the weather, but also for us as we would much rather be out flying than re-arranging flights for people!


Friday evening 19th April our balloon flight was from Llanarth, South Wales landing next to Usk Gliding Club.



Saturday morning 20th April we took off from Raglan, South Wales as the wind direction had changed and we flew a basket full of teenagers who had been celebrating their GCSEs but got rained off last year. This morning made up for it with a stunning flight landing at White castle.






This evening we are flying out off Royal Victoria Park, Bath and Ashton Court, Bristol. What a fab day to take to the skies! The weather hopefully will continue well into next week.

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