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Amazing hot air balloon collection by Cameron Balloons

13/05/2013 Jo Bailey Balloon Ride Innovation

Cameron Balloons has been showing off its spectacular collection of wonderful hot air balloons, which features everything from film stars to children’s book icons and even brilliant painter Van Gogh.

The hot air balloon company – which manufactures more than 200 fabulous hot air balloons each year – has outdone itself with balloons in the shape of Darth Vader, space shuttles and Thomas the Tank Engine. Each balloon takes around two months to manufacture.

Cameron Balloons even manufactured the Breitling Orbiter 3 balloon, which made history towards the end of the nineties as the first ever balloon to fly continuously around the globe – considered by many to be quite an achievement for a company that started out making hot air balloons in a basement flat.

Donald Cameron is the brains behind the business. As an aeronautical engineer, he became interested in hot air balloons after helping out on the Bristol Belle project. The Bristol Belle was the first modern style balloon to be made in the UK. Completed in 1967, it took its first flight in July that same year.

Since it’s humble beginnings, Cameron balloons has grown to be one of the largest and most innovative hot air balloon manufacturing companies in the world. It owns a large warehouse and more than 60 people are employed by the company, which has, to date, manufactured more than 8,000 high performance hot air balloons.

A custom-made balloon from Cameron Balloons is believed to set enthusiasts back by anything from £22,000 upwards.

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