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Hot air balloons in the Somerset sky

26th June 2013 Jo Bailey Hot Air Balloons in the UK

The Somerset skies were filled with the wondrous sight of hot air balloons on the 26th May. A large number of local people headed to the Timsbury Recreation Field in

Clive Bailey Plays In The Sky Orchestra In Londonderry

21st June 2013 Jo Bailey News

  The Sky Orchestra, was set up by the artist Luke Jerram, with seven hot air balloons playing a different part of a piece of music as they float across the sky. The Sky Orchestra has already played over many places including Bristol, London, Canada and Australia.     This…

Ballooning Over The Channel

20th June 2013 Jo Bailey News

  The first people to fly over the English Channel in a balloon were Jean-Pierre Blanchard and Dr John Jeffries on 7th January 1785. The Frenchman, Blanchard was the true pilot and a ballooning pioneer, but Jeffries, an American, was the sponsor and wanted to fly with him. On approaching…

Gordon Bennett Gas Balloon Race 2013

17th June 2013 Jo Bailey News

  Clive Bailey and Paul Spellward have been selected to represent Great Britain in the 57th Gordon Bennett Gas Balloon Race, which is launching from Nancy, France on 24th August.                             Clive trained as a Gas Balloon…

Bristol’s Big Green Week 2013

15th June 2013 Jo Bailey News

  Today is the start of the 3rd Bristol’s Big Green Week. The Festival runs from 15th-23rd June and is a big celebration of eco ideas, art and entertainment. It’s a really popular event with over 40,000 visitors who will to enjoy art, music, films, entertainment, inspiring talks, workshops, poetry,…

Hot Air Balloons And Bristol Bridges

14th June 2013 Jo Bailey News

  In Bristol we are lucky to have a few fabulous bridges close by we regularly flying past in our hot air balloons!           Of course there is Brunel’s Clifton Suspension Bridge.                       We also have The…

Cows And Hot Air Balloons

12th June 2013 Jo Bailey News

  Earlier in the week we had an exclusive hot air balloon flight for two people which took off from Bath. The cows came running over to say hello whilst Phil, one of our crew, was pulled over waiting for the balloon to come past!       The photo…

Angry Birds hot air balloon in Taiwan

Jo Bailey Balloon Ride Innovation

Angry Birds may have taken the gaming world by storm, but now it is set to do the same for the skies thanks to an Angry Birds themed

Apples And Birds Of Prey – South Wales Balloon Rides

11th June 2013 Jo Bailey News

  Two fantastic flights last night. In South Wales we took off from Raglan and flew due north over the massive cider apple orchards, where the blossom is now dropping off and apples forming.         We the flew over Graig Syfyrrrin which is 423 metres high and…

Wind and Balloons

10th June 2013 Jo Bailey News

                        After a week of beautiful Summer weather, we balloonists were getting frustrated as along with the sunshine came the wind meaning it was too windy for ballooning. We flew last Monday and then had to wait until Sunday…