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Angry Birds hot air balloon in Taiwan

12/06/2013 Jo Bailey Balloon Ride Innovation

Angry Birds may have taken the gaming world by storm, but now it is set to do the same for the skies thanks to an Angry Birds themed hot air balloon. The balloon was unveiled at the Taiwan Balloon Festival in Taipei on 1st June.

The Taiwan Balloon festival kicked off on 1st June and will continue for two more months, until 11th August. The event is run by the Taitung county government and is always a big draw, but thanks to the big red Angry Birds balloon, which is making its debut at the festival, the number of visitors to the festival is set to be huge this year.

The Angry Birds hot air balloon is a 25 metre high balloon. It took 2.5 kilometres of nylon and a kilometre of thread to create. It has a capacity of almost 3,000 cubic metres. Its manufacturer, Cameron balloons, has claimed that the balloon is large enough to hold 500,000 fist-sized Angry Birds – which should give some idea as to how big the hot air balloon is.

The balloon will be on display in Taiwan until 25th June, when it will head off to be displayed in Germany.

The novelty hot air balloon is owned by Global Media Box, which will be responsible for piloting the balloon during its time at the festival and on further stops to Germany, Thailand, Italy and the United States, where it is also set to make big appearances.

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