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Hot air balloons in the Somerset sky

26/06/2013 Jo Bailey Hot Air Balloons in the UK

The Somerset skies were filled with the wondrous sight of hot air balloons on the 26th May. A large number of local people headed to the Timsbury Recreation Field in order to witness the spectacular sight of six hot air balloons taking flight high above the clouds.

The display of six colourful hot air balloons was organised by the Conygre Trust, which looks after the field and Conygre Hall. The hall and recreation field is a community hub in the area, putting on a number of events throughout the years – including hot air balloon flights, bowling competitions, rugby games and theatre and ballet events.

The recreation field has been used, for a number of years, by the West of England contingent of the Balloon and Airship Club, but its members are often unable to take flight due to poor weather conditions which could make the flight of a hot air balloon dangerous. Hot air balloons need calm conditions if passengers are to get the most out of their ballooning experience.

Luckily, it was a glorious day and most of the balloons were able to take flight without any problems, although a slight breeze did put paid to a couple of pilots’ ambitions to fly on the day.

One person who did take to the skies was Nicola Hill, who is currently training to be a hot air balloon pilot. She took up the challenge with her boyfriend Douglas Hoddinott, who is already a trained pilot.

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