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The Red Arrows At The Bristol Balloon Fiesta

04/07/2013 Jo Bailey News


We all love the Red Arrows! They are probably the most famous aerobatic flight team in the world. They are the elite flying team of the Royal Air Force and represent Great Britain overseas. Their first season as the Red Arrows was in 1965 when they performed 65 displays in Britain and Europe.


They started as a team of seven aircraft but by 1968 their perfectly formed symmetrical diamond 9 became their trade mark and became seen as the pinnacle of precision flying.

The Red Arrows started flying the Hawk in 1980 whilst before this they were flying Gnats. The Red Arrows have flown in 52 countries and have out on over 4000 displays.


They are also famous for the red white and blue vapour trails but these are not there only to look pretty but for safety as well by allowing Red 1 to work out wind speed and direction and also place the other aircratf when they split off in different directions.



The vapour trails really enhance the show, especially with the heart!


The Royal Air Force has many other display teams apart for the Red Arrows including the Chinook Display Team, The Tucano Display Team and the RAF Falcons Parachute Display Team.


The Red Arrows have flown four times the Bristol Balloon Fiesta and are scheduled to fly at the Fiesta this year on Friday 9th August at 3.00 pm.


There amazing display always draws the crowds not only at the Fiesta but all over Bristol and the surrounding area. So make sure you are at the Bristol Balloon Fiesta and book you flight in one of our hot air balloons! The balloon rides at the Fiesta are on special offer at the moment and we are filling up fast. Book here now!


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