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Record-setter to appear at East Lothian hot air balloon show

11/07/2013 Jo Bailey Hot Air Balloons Pilots

A record setting hot air balloon pilot is to give a talk at the East Lothian air show, which is set to mark the 230th anniversary of the first hot air balloon flight taken by humans.

Brian Jones and Bertrand Piccard circumnavigated the globe back in 1999 and they broke the world record for doing so by completing the feat in just under 20 days.

Now, Jones is set to give a talk at an air show that is to be held on the 27th July, in East Fortune’s popular National Museum of Flight.

The hot air balloon show is being held to celebrate 230 years of hot air balloon flights and will also be attended by Graeme Houston, who is one of the world’s leading balloon pilots. At the East Lothian show, Houston is set to showcase his famous Muller Wiseman balloon.

Speaking of his attendance, Steve Mclean, the museum’s general manager, said:

“To have a true aviation pioneer as well as one of Scotland’s most respected hot air balloon pilots at this year’s Airshow is a real coup. I am sure that our visitors will be impressed with the size and elegance of the Muller Wiseman balloon and transfixed by Brian’s heroic tales of world-wide circumnavigation.”

With two of the most reputable hot air balloon pilots of all time in attendance and with so many great balloons scheduled to appear, it is thought the show will be a sell-out.

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