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Ohio Challenge Hot Air Balloon and Sky Diving Festival a big hit

25/07/2013 Jo Bailey Hot Air Balloons at Events

Residents of Middletown, in the US state Ohio, were treated to a spectacular scene on 11th July when around 30 hot air balloons took to the skies as part of the Ohio Challenge Hot Air Balloon and Skydiving Festival. Many of the balloon pilots soared through the air with the intention of dropping bean bags onto a target to win points for the competition.

The weather was beautiful in Middletown as the balloons flew over Smith Park, competing in an annual hot air balloon challenge which sees pilots from all over the world making a pilgrimage to the Ohio park.

Not only did the hot air balloon pilots compete in the target challenge, but come evening time they took part in a balloon glow.

Visitors to the site were in awe of the hot air balloons on show. One visitor, Rebecca Honeycutt, who visited the challenge with her three children said:

“One balloon hit the ground, about flipped and popped right back up. When they’re a few inches to the ground, I don’t know how they do it. It’s beautiful.”

This was the third year in a row that a free breakfast of pancakes and sausage was provided for volunteers and visitors of the festival, and it was much appreciated by the hardworking volunteers and the families who turned out to watch the show. Huge amounts of bacon sausage were prepared, along with a couple of thousand pancakes.

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