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Bailey Balloons Join Bristol Pound!

13/08/2013 Jo Bailey News


Bailey Balloons have now joined Bristol Pound so now you can pay for your hot air balloon flight with us using Bristol Pounds!



The Bristol Pound is a way of keeping money local and helps create wealth locally, rather that with supermarkets, for example, where only 10-12 pence is said to stay within the local community. It encourages people to buy locally which means less goods are transported from far away.


Many businesses in Bristol have joined up and we are proud to be the first balloon company in Bristol to accept Bristol Pounds!






At the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta on Sunday morning Clive Bailey flew The Bristol Mayor George Ferguson to celebrate and announce that we now accept Bristol Pounds.

To use Bristol pounds you need to open an account with Bristol Credit Union and then you can use the TXT2PAY for your mobile and within a few seconds it is all paid for!


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