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Champagne Balloon Flight over Bath and Keynsham

24th September 2013 Jo Bailey News

Last night we took off from Royal Victoria Park and had a beautiful hot air balloon flight landing at Leys Farm near Keynsham. We were spotted by Paddy, aged two and Lottie, his mother who took these lovely photos and sent them to us. The first one is looking over…

In the 1970s Jim Woodman believed the Nazca lines were made with the aid of hot air balloons!

23rd September 2013 Jo Bailey News

The Nazca Lines are a series of ancient designs in Peru, made in the ground by removing the reddish pebbles and uncovering the whitish/grayish ground beneath, The designs are simple and some are more complex of birds, fish, trees or flowers with the largest being over 200 metres across. The meanings…

Autumn Hot Air Ballooning

20th September 2013 Jo Bailey News

We have had a couple of weeks of unseasonably cold weather but the sun has come back and temperatures are set to rise a bit over the week-end and into next week. We had a fabulous hot air balloon flight from Bath this morning landing at Rode. The flights times…

Man misses out on navigating the Atlantic with helium balloons

Jo Bailey Balloon Ride Innovation

A man from North Carolina attempted a rather unusual hot air balloon flight when he tried to cross the Atlantic under the power of 365 helium balloons. Unfortunately, Jonathan Trappe was unsuccessful in his

Chalford man wins hot air balloon race

6th September 2013 Jo Bailey Hot Air Balloons at Events

Richard Parry, a Chalford local, came out victorious when he took part in the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta’s much loved long distance

Filming With Oktocoptor For The BBC One Show

5th September 2013 Jo Bailey News

  Clive travelled up to just outside Manchester to film for the BBC One Show using our Oktocopter.           He was filming a maze that had been designed and built for the One Show out of a pattern in a maize field along with presenter Christine Walkden.…

Ballooning and Indian Summer

4th September 2013 Jo Bailey News

  An Indian summer is a heat wave tthat happens in the Autumn when there is a spell of above-normal temperatures, often with dry and hazy conditions, usually after there has been a hard frost.     For the Northern Hemisphere it usually occurs between late September and mid November.…