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Richard Parry wins Queen’s Cup Balloon Race

07/10/2013 Jo Bailey Hot Air Balloons Pilots

An experienced hot air balloon pilot romped to victory in this year’s Queen’s Cup Balloon Race. Richard Parry made a successful landing in Norfolk on the 6th October, securing his position as the 2013 winner of the oldest trophy in the world of UK sports.

The Stroud hot air balloon pilot navigated his balloon for 199 miles, flying from Bristol’s Queen’s Square to Great Yarmouth to take the coveted title of the hot air ballooning world.

A grand total of 13 hot air balloons took to the skies on Saturday 5th October, all hoping to take the trophy in the Queen’s Cup balloon race, but Richard Parry was the first to reach the finish line on Sunday afternoon and was given the cup soon after.

Speaking about the Queen’s Cup, event director Don Cameron said:

“This is a wonderful race which tests not only balloonist’s long distance flying capabilities but also their tactical skill. Working out everything from air traffic, weather changes to refuelling and crew logistics it is, I suppose, similar to the Olympics but for hot-air balloon teams.”

The Queen’s Cup trophy is made from Irish Silver. It is awarded to the winners of various air sport challenges and is currently owned by the Royal Aero Club, to which it was donated by the Queen in 2010.

Parry experienced a similar level of ballooning success back in August this year, when he came first in the Bristol international Balloon Fiesta’s long distance  race – for the fifth time in his professional piloting career.

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