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Bailey Bear Helps Deliver Valentine’s message!

12/02/2014 Jo Bailey News

Valentine’s day is only two days away! We’ve had many orders, and there are
many lucky people out there receiving a Bailey Balloon flight on Friday!

One special girl is going to receive her Balloon Flight Voucher, as a
balloon in Box but with a special messenger!  When she opens up the box, a helium balloon floats out, and attached to it she’ll find her Valentine’s Day gift. And it gets better!

Bailey Bear herself will deliver it!!! Here she is, just on the way out to
greet the happy couple!
We would like to take the lovely couple out flying as we have been waiting
throughout a long grey and rainy winter but we’ll have to wait just a little
bit longer.

In the meantime, we’re looking forward to Clive returning to the U.K. from
Burma. He’s been away for almost four months, and we can’t wait for him to
tell us all the exciting stories about his balloon adventures in the Far East! Hopefully he’ll bring some photos as well and we’ll share them here
with you!

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