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French thrill-seekers attempt to walk tightrope between two hot air balloons

13/02/2014 Jo Bailey News

A group of daredevils has attempted hair-raising stunt while on a hot air balloon ride.

The French adrenaline junkies took on an amazing challenge to walk a tightrope which was suspended between two balloons thousands of feet in the air.

The members of the group, who are collectively known as the ‘Skyliners’, were all eager to take on the unique challenge. However, every member failed to make it across the rope without stumbling and falling to the ground.

Thankfully, they were all strapped up to parachutes, which ensured that they were able to safely land, so each failed attempt was greeted with laughter from the team.

The stunt was captured by Sebastien Montaz- Rosset, a filmmaker who has made the video of the thrill-seeking Frenchmen available online at Vimeo.

The video even includes footage shot by the Skyliners who attached cameras to their heads, in order to capture a first-person perspective of their attempts at conquering the unusual tight rope walk.

Watching the video, it appears that the Skyliners were having difficulty in navigating the thin rope, as their feet wobble and they sway from side to side, before plunging to the ground.

The video also shows one fun-loving member of the group take to the rope, rather optimistically clutching an umbrella, before again plunging to the ground.

The Skyliners have described themselves as individuals who are passionate about’ highlining, basejumping, mountainering and much more besides.’.

The group plan to attempt the challenge again at a later date.


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