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Philippine hot air balloons to take flight once more

24/04/2014 Jo Bailey Hot Air Balloons at Events

After a one year break, the skies above Clark Freeport are set to be filled with balloons when the Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta (PIHABF) returns early next year.

The popular hot air balloon festival is set to take place from a Philippine Air Force (PAF) Hangar in the town between the 12th and 15th February, 2015. This is welcome news for the pastimes enthusiasts who have been mourning the lack of a festival this year.

The event, the 19th of its kind, is being highly anticipated, thanks to its mix of high flying hot air balloons, kites, radio controlled fliers, paramotors, and turbo jets. During this gathering, all of these are hoping to make a welcome return to the Philippine skies, along with micro light planes, sky diving and formation flights.

Speaking about the return of the fiesta, Captain Joy Roa, the president of the PIHABF foundation that organises the event, said:

“We want to fuel the passion for aviation in the Philippines and to showcase the endless possibilities in this field.”

The 2015 festival will also see The Aviator of the Year award handed out to those pilots who have made an outstanding contribution to the world of aviation and ballooning, whilst ensuring that standards of safety have been adhered to and improved upon.

Of course, people do not have to go all the way to Southeast Asia to enjoy hot air balloon flights. From Bristol to Taunton, the UK is home to lots of great hot air balloon events.

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