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Balloon restaurant serves dinner in the clouds

11/09/2014 Jo Bailey Balloon Ride Innovation

CuliAir Sky Dining has been launched in Holland, which is not only a restaurant serving up freshly prepared dinners, but a hot air balloon as well.

Across the world, there is no shortage of hot air balloon rides. From South Wales to the South America, you can take a flight of fancy and soak in the scenery, but up until now there has never been a balloon ride that also enables you to have a three course meal in the sky.

For £360 anyone can take a trip aboard CuliAir Sky Dining, where they will be served dinner as they float amongst the clouds. The meals aboard the craft are all cooked over the balloon’s burner by Angelique Schmeinck, the Dutch chef who runs the unique hot air balloon restaurant.

Schmeinck cooks up a number of dishes while in flight, including lobster, guinea fowl and sea bass. Up to fourteen diners can be accommodated in the balloon for meals at any one time.

Not only will passengers aboard the CuliAir Sky Dining craft be served these freshly cooked foods, but they will also be treated to stretching views of the Netherlands countryside below them.

Diners will spend around 75 minutes in the air, indulging in aperitifs and nibbles before the balloon takes flight, upon which time they will eat their way through a three course meal and be able to watch a cooking demonstration. They will also be given a copy of Chef Schmeinck’s cook book.

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