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Filming for BBC1 Glorious Gardens From Above

06/11/2014 Jo Bailey General, News

Clive Bailey & Christine Walkden with a garden expert

We are very proud to have been involved in a new series starting daily for three weeks on BBC1 from 10th November called Glorious Gardens from Above. The BBC wanted to film gardens that are not normally seen from above and often remain hidden to the public. They came up with the idea of using a hot air balloon with the presenter and horticulturalist, Christine Walkden. It took 4 months to film 45 gardens in 15 different counties with 12 balloon flights!





From initial meetings held in Dec 2013 and going out flying from June 2014, there was an enormous amount of planning involved as we flew in counties stretching from North Wales to Norfolk and Cornwall to Aberdeenshire. Clive and Christine visited some of the most beautiful areas of the UK.


The weather played an enormous part and we managed to fly on 12 occasions on the days planned during our March meetings!

Christine is now a seasoned balloonist and it was a great pleasure to work with again. She and Clive got on really well!


Clive first flew with Christine over 3 years ago for The One Show.  Dan Birch, our trusted chief crew drove over 3,000 miles and kept smiling all the way.

This series will show some beautiful gardens and ares of the UK that only a few get the chance to witness from the air so we hope that you enjoy seeing some truly stunning views.

The Team- including from Bailey Balloons-Clive Bailey and Dan Birch, and from the BBC – Chloe Rawlings, Michael Swift, Rosie Irving, Helen Shields, Emma Burman. Find out more at http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04pmq1y

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