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Three uses for a hot air balloon in Bath

27th December 2014 Jo Bailey Features

When most people imagine taking a hot air balloon ride, they think of nothing more than floating over a particular area, taking in the scenery for a short while. Although this is a big part of what ballooning is about, hot air balloons in Bath can be used for so…

US couple marry in hot air balloon

25th December 2014 Jo Bailey Hot Air Balloon News

A bride and groom recently exchanged their wedding vows in a unique hot air balloon ceremony, 2,000 feet in the sky. Sarah and Joseph Stewart, both from Canton, Georgia, tied

Balloons to fly over Mount Everest

11th December 2014 Jo Bailey Balloon Ride Innovation

A hot air balloon ride that allows thrill seekers to travel over the highest mountain in the world is now available, but taking the trip 30,000 feet into the air comes with a huge price tag. Anyone who embarks on the unusual hot air balloon journey will