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Balloons to fly over Mount Everest

11/12/2014 Jo Bailey Balloon Ride Innovation

A hot air balloon ride that allows thrill seekers to travel over the highest mountain in the world is now available, but taking the trip 30,000 feet into the air comes with a huge price tag.

Anyone who embarks on the unusual hot air balloon journey will be privy to some spectacular views, as the balloon floats above Mount Everest and the surrounding Himalayas, offering a 360 degree panoramic vista of the area.

The unique hot air ballooning opportunity is provide by Chris Dewhirst, an experience hot air balloon pilot and the first person to ever navigate a hot air balloon over Mount Everest.

The balloon journey takes almost a full day to complete and is completely dependent on local weather conditions. Should the weather not be favourable, then passengers may find themselves spending a lot of their time on the ground in Nepal, waiting for safe conditions to once more take to the skies.

A solo ticket for the flight costs around £3m, while a couple’s ticket will set passengers back an extra £300,000.

A maximum of two passengers can fly in the balloon at any one time, while all passengers who embark on the journey must be at least moderately fit. To this end, potential passengers must pass a thorough fitness and skills training test before they are allowed to climb into the basket.

While this experience may sound too intense for some, there are plenty of more sedate hot air balloon rides in Bristol, Bath, and beyond.

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