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Lord Mayor’s hot air balloon to visit Arizona

09/01/2015 Jo Bailey Hot Air Balloons at Events

A balloon connected to London’s Lord Mayor is set to make an appearance at the 2015 Havasu Balloon Festival & Fair.

Thanks to an invitation from the family who were responsible for having London Bridge installed at Lake Havasu City, the Lord Mayor of London, Alan Yarrow, will be sending the craft to the fifth annual festival, which takes place between the 16th and 18th January in Arizona.

The news about the Lord Mayor’s balloon visiting the festival came from Mark Nexsen, the Mayor of Havasu City. The family of Robert P. McCulloch, who purchased London Bridge and brought it to the American city, will be sponsoring Mr Yarrow’s balloon.

The Lord Mayor has had his own hot air balloon since 2013, when a charity appeal balloon was built for him. The balloon is operated by Exclusive Ballooning, which is an aerial marketing company. Yarrow has raised millions of pounds for charity so far, and the balloon has helped greatly in this endeavour.

The balloon is set to be piloted by Andrew Holly, who currently holds the title of British National Hot Air Balloon Champion. He is also the director of Exclusive Ballooning.

The Havasu Balloon Festival & Fair will take place at the Nautical Inn Golf Course in Havasu, but Brits who want to experience seeing balloon launches for themselves will find a number of festivals and flights available throughout the year right here in Britain. This includes hot air balloon flights in Taunton, Bristol, and South Wales.

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