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Pacific Balloon Heading Towards Continental US

29/01/2015 Jo Bailey News

The ‘Two Eagles’ gas balloon with pilots Leonid Tiukhtyaev and Troy Bradley on board is flying well and is heading towards the mainland United States and Canada. The team have predicted that the balloon will reach it’s first goal; the first successful crossing of the Pacific Ocean in a gas balloon since 1981, as the balloon reaches the vicinity of Vancouver Island, British Columbia on Thursday evening local time (early Friday morning British time).

The team will have to fly at least 100 miles past the coast if they are to achieve their goal of breaking the world distance record for a flight in a gas balloon, which currently stands at 5,208 miles (8,383 km). The balloon has now been flying for over 108 hours, and has traveled 8005km / 4974 miles! Track them live here: http://www.pacificballoon.com/tracking/

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