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Sights to see when ballooning from Bath

15/07/2015 Jo Bailey Hot Air Balloon Rides

A balloon flight from the historic city of Bath is always an interesting experience.

There is plenty to see from above the city and those who take the opportunity in decent visibility get memories they do not forget in a hurry. However, the general quality of the Georgian architecture is not the only draw for tourists. Remarkable urban features like Pulteney Bridge, Bath Abbey and the Royal Crescent can make a big impact on the viewer. Other less famous sights can add significantly to the pleasure of the trip too.

Spotting Royal Victoria Park can be special

Royal Victoria Park is a former arboretum. It is now an oasis of parkland which is not so distant from the busy city centre. A tourist who uses binoculars may well be able to pick it out from the air. On a sunny day, the green space looks its best. There are currently botanical gardens and miniature golf on the 57 acre site. These contrasting amenities can make it easy to pick out the area from its surroundings.

The park was officially opened by Queen Victoria in 1830. She was only 11 at the time. It is the kind of place which is arguably worth visiting on foot after it has been examined from above.

The Somerset Coal Canal is worth more than a glance

Balloon tourists with a keen interest in history might like to look out for a canal with an industrial heritage. An Act of Parliament prior to 1800 authorised the canal. In those days, the waterway was used to take coal to the marketplace of Bath. Experimental locks were put in place to enable the transportation of the fuel, while bridges were constructed to span the water.

Nowadays, few of the original bridges over the canal remain. However, some of the locks are intact and a restoration project has been undertaken. It might be possible for those on a balloon to spot a narrow boat, while a centre for visitors is also a feasible sighting.

Identifying the Victoria Art Gallery is rewarding

In the region of the Pulteney Bridge, another item of interest may be discerned. The Victoria Art Gallery is worthy of a visit after the balloon flight has come to an end. This is because it contains modern artworks by Klee, Chagall and Perry, as well as more traditional work by Gainsborough. However, it is a nice challenge to spot the place from the air. It is a listed building and was constructed near the end of the nineteenth century. A statue of the monarch of the time should be visible.

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