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What to look out for when flying around Bristol

23/07/2015 Jo Bailey Hot Air Balloon Rides

When people take a balloon trip from Bristol, they tend to focus initially on what can be seen in the city. This is unsurprising because Bristol has a special heritage.
The city’s long history has left a legacy of interesting buildings and tourists tend to get excited at some of the spectacular views they can obtain of the place.

However, the region around Bristol is of genuine interest too. People can appreciate the experience of a balloon trip for its exhilarating moments, but they may get additional pleasure if they identify landmarks from above. The natural scenery is also a source of wonder for many tourists when the weather turns out well.

Check out Berkeley Castle

Berkeley Castle is located north of Bristol. The structure is lived in to this day and it is the English castle which has been inhabited for the longest period of time. Viewing it from the air can be a special prelude to a visit by other means. Tours can sometimes be arranged, depending on the demand from other tourists and the specific time of year in question.

Admire the Mendip Hills

The Mendip Hills can improve the view from a balloon in the right weather conditions. If a balloon flies over them then it might be possible for its passengers to get a glimpse of Cheddar Gorge. This spectacular piece of natural landscape contains a view of a gap which must have been caused by erosion by water. However, not all the gorge currently contains a river. The gorge is situated approximately 21 miles away from Bristol.

Part of the Mendip Hills has been categorised as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and this status gives them a special attractiveness. This is because any unsightly development has been restricted, much as if the area had been made into a national park.

Look out for the Clifton Suspension Bridge

The Clifton Suspension Bridge is not far from Bristol. It may be spotted with ease from above. The visitor centre might prove more difficult to pick out from its background than the bridge. This is because Leigh Woods could obscure the building from above.

Spot the railway in the Avon Valley

The railway in the Avon Valley is also worth identifying if the opportunity arises. It is located inland from Bristol and is at least six miles long. Bitton Station is located at the midway point between Bath and Bristol. It possesses its own seats, shop and garden, which may heighten its visibility from the vantage point of a balloon.

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