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Experiences make us happier than possessions

23/08/2015 Jo Bailey Hot Air Balloon Rides

Research has shown that experiences give more happiness when compared to objects.

That brand new car that gives such joy when first driven becomes just a car and the happiness it once gave fades over time as it becomes older. The period when the initial pleasure fades is between eight weeks and three months according to psychologists. After this period, possessions are often taken for granted.

Peak experiences such as ballooning make you feel more alive and give a sense of vitality, which leaves powerful memories. If there is a photographic or video record of the experience then the memories can be rekindled every time the images are viewed.

The research

Scientists at San Francisco State University conducted a study on people’s experience of purchasing objects compared to experiences. Though the objects did make them happy, the participants in the study reported that positive experiences gave them more satisfaction. Great experiences create powerful and important memories that can live with a person for the rest of their life.

Experts also found that people are less jealous of other’s experiences than they are of objects. You may be jealous of your neighbour’s shiny new car, but not their exotic holiday, or their spectacular balloon flight.

Experiences are better shared with others

The study also found that the happiest experiences were those shared with others, especially amongst close friends and family. Positive experiences make family and friends feel closer to each other, which probably explains why these experiences increase happiness. In shared experiences people feel a sense of social bonding, which is why many companies use experiences as team building exercises.

Balloon flights are the ideal gift experience

As people get older they accumulate more and more possessions, so it becomes increasingly difficult to know what to give the person who seems to have everything. A great solution is to buy a loved one the exciting experience of a balloon flight. They will appreciate this more and it will have a lasting effect on their happiness.

The great thing about ballooning is that it is a peak experience open to all, as you do not need to be super fit or of a certain age to take part, provided you can climb into the basket of course!

Sharing a ballooning experience with family or close friends increases the enjoyment and delight of that special balloon flight.

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