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The thrill of riding in a balloon over Bristol and Bath

28/08/2015 Jo Bailey Hot Air Balloon Rides

Riding in a hot air balloon over Bristol or Bath is an unforgettable thrill. Many struggle to pinpoint why the area provides such an amazing experience, so here are some of the reasons that could be behind it:

The adventure

Viewed from the ground, hot air balloons appear to travel slowly and gracefully, which are words you do not readily associate with an adventure. On board a balloon floating high in the sky, you see the world from a different perspective. Balloon passengers describe ballooning as fun and exciting and the experience can truly be seen as an adventure.

The history

The Montgolfier brothers made the first balloon flight in 1783. In 1785 the first flight over the English Channel was made by Jean-Pierre Blanchard. The first steerable balloon was invented by Henri Gifford in 1852, but this steam powered balloon was not very effective. The first practical steering system was invented in 1872 by Paul Heinlein. Since then ballooning has been enjoyed by thousands of people.

Ballooning is an inexpensive way to fly

Compared to other means of flying, ballooning is inexpensive. No airport or expensive jet fuel is required. All you need is the balloon, an experienced pilot and a large open field.

Because steering is limited, where your balloon flight goes is largely dependent on the wind. The unpredictability of the flight is what many find attractive.

The best time to fly is at dawn, as later in the day if the sun is too hot turbulence could cause a bumpy ride.

Sharing it

What is great about ballooning is that you can share it with a loved one or a group of friends. On landing you can celebrate your flight with the traditional glass of champagne.

Fly over Bath and Bristol

Two of the best locations in the United Kingdom to experience a balloon flight are Bath and Bristol. Bath is surrounded by seven hills that you can see from the air on a clear day. The city features stunning Georgian and Roman architecture such as the Royal Crescent and the Roman Baths. You can also fly over the Cotswolds or the Mendips depending on the wind direction.

Flying over Bristol you can see the famous Clifton suspension bridge and other famous city landmarks such as the ship, the SS Great Britain, Temple Meads Station, Bristol Zoo and the Severn Bridge.

Ballooning is a great way to experience a bird’s eye view of Bristol or Bath, and is a thrilling adventure for people of all ages.

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