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What to see on a Taunton hot air balloon flight

25/10/2015 Jo Bailey Hot Air Balloon Rides

The most spectacular views of Taunton and the surrounding area are high in the air in a hot air balloon flight.

Taunton, in Somerset, is noted for their beautiful countryside, majestic coastlines, rolling hills and historic sites. High in the sky in a hot air balloon is the ideal vantage point to see the area in all its glory. Depending on which way the wind blows, here are some of the sights to look forward to on your flight:

The town

The town of Taunton is located in the Vale of Taunton Deane, and is flanked by the beautiful Quantock and Blackdown Hills. The Vale of Taunton features orchards, hedgerows, narrow lanes and small hamlets.

Prominent buildings there include Taunton Castle and St James Church next to Somerset County Cricket Club ground.

Another feature is the Bridgewater and Taunton Canal, with its brightly painted barges slowly wandering along the waters. Nearby, you can see military pillboxes from World War II, which were designed to stop the German forces in case of an invasion.

Hestercombe Gardens, a mile from Taunton, is a unique group of three gardens that reflect three centuries of garden design.

Near Taunton

Three miles from Taunton is the Kings Cliff Woods near the village of North Petherton. It features a winding stream-based trail and twenty meter cliffs.

If you fly over the nearby town of Wellington you will be able to see the 175-foot high Wellington column dedicated to the Duke of Wellington. East of Taunton is Yeovil, a vibrant market town with two Country Parks.

If you are interested in legends then you will be interested in Cadbury Castle, a bronze and iron age hill fort. It is claimed that the castle is the site of Camelot home to King and the Knights of the Round Table, though there is no historical evidence to prove this legend. Locals say that dragons can be seen lighting up the night sky over the castle with their fiery breath. Rest assured that no dragons have ever attacked a hot air balloon, so your flight is in no danger.

The route your Taunton balloon flight is dependent on the wind, but wherever your flight goes you will be sure to see some spectacular Somerset sights. You will remember your hot air balloon flight over Taunton for the rest of your life.

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