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Futuristic hot air balloons take off in Paris

26/12/2015 Jo Bailey News

On the back of the Paris climate talks, Argentinian artist Tomás Saraceno launched his own eco-friendly project in the form of futuristic orb hot air balloon prototypes into the skies of Paris, showing the population just how much can be achieved with foil and air.

Mr Saraceno created the unusual hot air balloons as part of his non-profit projects, which goes by the name Aerocene, and which is made up of a number of different sculptures that are able to fly in a sustainable way.

Each of the artist’s sculptural orbs are made up of thin foil, which is then filled up with hot air, enabling them to take to the skies. It is possible to control the height of the orbs by releasing a fraction of the air from the balloons. These balloons are unique in a way that they are heated up by the rays of the sun, during daytime flights.

Speaking about the Aerocene project to Dezeen Magazine, Saraceno said:

“Aerocene begins now as a past-becoming-future technology. In the near future, it will define the age of the post-fossil-fuel travel, a pace of living that is in tune and at the whim of the wind.”

As well as continuing to create cloud based art, Saraceno plans to take a balloon trip around the world, flying a fleet of his orbs without any source of fuel. If you would like to follow in his footsteps, it’s probably safer to enjoy a hot air balloon ride in Swindon or South Wales.

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