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Ballooning As An Incentive

16/02/2016 Jo Bailey News

The value of ballooning as a workplace incentive

A Hot Air Balloon flight provides a unique and exciting non-financial incentive to recognise your workforce. Employee incentives are a great way to motivate, thank and reward your team, and are widely demonstrated to drive sales, increase productivity, maintain morale, improve customer service, enhance focus and build teamwork.

Group Flights with Bailey Balloons

Group Flights with Bailey Balloons

Outdoor activities are beneficial for physical well-being, improving moods and lowering stress. Hot Air Ballooning is an excellent choice for an outdoor activity incentive because it is equally suitable to people of different ages and fitness levels. Furthermore, flying in a Hot Air Balloon consistently ranks near the top of many peoples “bucket list”, making it an experience that your team members will always remember and value.

Individual and Team flights

The promise of a Champagne Balloon Flight over Bristol, Bath or South Wales with Bailey Balloons provides the ideal incentive for an individual member of your team, and represents personal recognition for their achievements, whilst enhancing performance on individual employee targets or goals.

Bristol Hot Air Balloon

Ballooning over Bristol

Bailey Balloons can accommodate any number of passengers from your team, ranging from single flight vouchers as an individual reward, to groups of 100+ team members. A group balloon flight for your employees will enhance team building through a shared experience which is likely to be a unique once-in-a-lifetime event for most participants. Furthermore, the 3-4 hour ballooning experience allows staff the chance to interact outside of the work space, and the one hour flight floating along at heights of up to 2000ft above beautiful landscapes creates the perfect atmosphere for inspiring innovative new ideas and engaging creative thinking. Working together with the balloon crew and pilot to get the balloon laid out and inflated is a great opportunity to create collaborative relationships between employees.

Previous Corporate Passengers

Bailey Balloons and our sister company Aerosaurus Balloons have successful ongoing corporate associations with a number of organisations. Over the past years we have flown employees from Barton Wilmore property consultancy which has offices based nationwide, including Bristol. Sixteen staff members flew last year as a reward for their hard work.

We have flown staff from David Sims, a London-based photography company, who took a flight with Aerosaurus Balloons in the Cornwall area.

We also operate the blue “Anana” hot air balloon over Bristol, Bath and South Wales, and two employees from the company, which has offices based in Bristol, were given the chance to fly at last year’s Bristol Balloon Fiesta as a reward for their excellent performance.

The Anana Balloon


The 100 Club

Anana and Barton Wilmore are also members of the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta “100 Club”, which offers corporate sponsorship opportunities as part of the 4-day Fiesta event. Membership includes two complimentary balloon flight vouchers which can be used as an extra special employee incentive. Also included is VIP access to the Fiesta Night Glow, and branding opportunities via the Fiesta website and within the main arena.

For more information on joining the 100 Club or any corporate packages that you may be interested in contact Jo Bailey on 01275 375300 or info@baileyballoons.co.uk


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