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How to plan a romantic hot air balloon proposal over Bath

25/04/2016 philip General, Hot Air Balloon Rides, News

Proposal Flight: The happy couple

Hot air balloon rides are not just for thrill seekers and people looking for something different to do with their weekend, as they are also great for romantic partners who want to do something special. There is a good reason why so many people choose to pop the question whilst on a hot air balloon ride; the views are spectacular, the atmosphere magical and the experience one of a kind, making it one of the most memorable places to pledge one’s heart and start a new chapter of life.

Planning the ride

There is no doubt that Bath is one of the most stunning places in the UK thanks to its fantastic mix of sweeping, interesting landscapes and unique architecture, which is why it is currently one of the most popular places to take a hot air balloon ride. If you are planning on taking a romantic hot air balloon ride in Bath, you will need to do some planning in order to ensure that the event goes off without a hitch, and ends with you getting hitched!


The first thing you will want to do when planning a romantic hot air balloon ride over Bath is to ensure that you research the companies providing hot air balloon flights, and choose one which has an excellent reputation within the area.

You will also want to choose a company that has a suitable package; many companies offer things like special champagne flights, which can make the ride even more special and give it a much more romantic atmosphere than a standard ride over the city.
Ensure your partner is up for it

Although you will not want to spoil the surprise by revealing your plans for a romantic hot air balloon ride, you should find out whether your partner will be amiable to a ride through the skies by asking them if hey have a head for heights, if you do not already know whether that is a particular fear of theirs or not. This will avoid any ruined plans when the big day comes along.

Plan the proposal

Spontaneous proposals can be some of the best, but quite often people can freeze up and not know quite what to say when the big moment comes, so it can be a good idea to prepare a speech and have the ring ready, so that popping the question goes as smoothly and memorable as possible – obviously the balloon ride and fantastic views over Bath will help with this.

Don’t act too soon

We know that you are likely to be very excited about planning your proposal but you should delay the moment for as long as possible to make it more memorable. Of course, if your balloon happens to fly over a particularly romantic scene such as Bath’s spas illuminated at night or a prime spot over the River Avon, you should not be afraid to act spontaneously and grab the opportunity to make your proposal even more special.

Invite loved ones

If you and your partner are the kind of people who are very close to family and friends, you may want to invite them to Bath, where they can join you at the end of your flight, to celebrate your good news. They won’t get bored waiting, as there is a lot to do in Bath, from visiting the famous Roman spas to exploring the city, which is a World Heritage Site in its own right.

Capturing the big moment

If you would like to preserve the big moment for posterity when you pop the question, you may want to invite someone along on the ride with you so they can film it or take photographs. Of course, this will mean that they will be present for one of your most special and intimate moments with your partner, so you will need to weigh up the pros and cons of this before making this decision.

Sunrise or sunset

The final decision you will need to make before taking your hot air balloon ride in Bath is whether you would prefer to pop the question at sunrise or sunset. Both times are pretty romantic and make for spectacular views over the Somerset countryside, but you will need to think about which will suit you most, and make for a more dramatic proposal. Many people choose to propose in the evening when Bath’s spas are lit up.

Things to look out for in Bath

When you are on your hot air balloon ride, there are a lot of things you will want to look out for, as Bath is home to a lot of fantastic landscapes and landmarks. Of course, there is no way that you will be able to take in all of them, not least because hot air balloon rides are unpredictable by nature, and there is no way of knowing which sites the wind will take you over. However, if you are aware of some of the most impressive sites in the area, you will be able to point them out to your partner as you glide over them:

Bath Abbey

Bath Abbey is one of the most impressive religious buildings in the country. You can’t miss its unusual 16th century perpendicular style if you are lucky enough to pass over it on your flight.

Royal Crescent

The Royal Crescent is a unique row of 30 terraced houses laid out in a sweeping crescent shape. If you are a lover of architecture, you will be delighted by its unique look.

The Cotswolds

There are few people who would not be moved by a flight over the Cotswolds’ beautiful sweeping limestone hills, which are teeming with flora and fauna of all kinds. This is one of the most romantic places to propose.


Sometimes, flights launched from Bath will take you over Stonehenge, and you will get spectacular views of the ancient stones and the surrounding countryside. This world famous site is one of the most magical places to declare your love.

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