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New Year, New You!

02/01/2017 Jo Bailey News

A very Happy New Year to all our customers! Now that Christmas is over for another year, you may now be looking at some things that you can achieve in 2017. Whether it’s a new job, a new diet, going on that dream holiday or finally getting started on that bucket list – here are our top tips of how you can stick to those New Year Resolutions!


Start with one resolution

If you have a list of resolutions for 2017, why not try and stick to one at a time? If you try and focus on just one resolution, you have a better chance of actually achieving it.

Forward planning is the way forward

Before you undertake any resolutions, why not sit down, reflect and write a list of what is actually possible to achieve. Don’t set your goals too high!

Try a new resolution

Don’t go back to old resolutions that you have tried before because this could lead to frustration and disappointment.

Break down your resolutions

Don’t try and jump straight into that New Year resolution. Break it down into smaller, achievable steps. This way, you will have a higher chance of achieving it.

Spread the word!

Share your resolution with your friends and family. By doing this you will get greater support to achieve your goal and who knows your friends or family may have the same goal as you!

Reward yourself

To keep the motivation going, reward yourself whenever you reach a goal or a new step. This will give you a sense of progress and achievement.

Don’t worry if you stumble!

If you fall back into old habits, don’t let this get to you. See it as a temporary setback and don’t give up on that resolution completely!


Maybe one of your resolutions is to do that one thing that you have always wanted to do. A Balloon Flight can be a memorable and spectacular experience. So why not treat yourself and start 2017 on a high (excuse the pun!) Our flights start from just £110 per person!

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