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Château-d’Oex Balloon Festival

22/01/2017 Jo Bailey News

Every year the skies above the Swiss Alps come alive. It’s a unique event like no other and we’re talking about the Chateau d’Oex Festival!

Balloonists across the world will be familiar with the Chateau d’Oex Festival but for those of you who have never heard of this magnificent event before, here’s a a bit more info.



The Chateau d’Oex Festival otherwise known as the International Hot Air Balloon Festival of Chateau d’Oex takes place each year in January. It is attended by nearly a hundred balloons from over twenty countries. This year the event takes place from 21st – 29th of January and it’s the 39th festival taking place in the glorious Swiss Alps.

What makes this event so unique is the fact that it takes place in such a picturesque part of the world. Over 100 balloons take to the skies which is definitely a sight to see. Skiers can enjoy glorious blue skies filled with colourful balloons drifting past snowy peaks. Visitors to the festival are also treated to a night glow and various air shows.


Jo and Clive are regular visitors to the festival and have had the privilege of flying hot air balloons over the snowy terrain. At last year’s festival Clive and Bailey Balloons pilot Pete Dalby actually flew the world’s first passenger flying solar balloon!



Clive & Pete Dalby lift off in the solar balloon

To find out more about this amazing event then head to www.chateau-doex.ch

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