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St George’s Day

23/04/2017 Jo Bailey News

Happy St George’s Day from Bailey Balloons! St George is the patron Saint of England but what is the history behind this day?

St George’s Day is celebrated on April 23rd each year. The day remembers St George – England’s patron saint.

St George was a Christian martyr and represents traditional English chivalry and bravery. He was born around the year 280 in what is now Turkey. Legend has it that a water well in the town of Silene was guarded by a dragon. In order to access the water, residents of the town had to offer human sacrifice every day to the dragon. On the day that St George was visiting, a princess had been selected as a sacrifice. However, St George killed the dragon and saved the princess and as a result gave the town of Silene free access to the water.

Although it’s not a public holiday, St George’s Day is observed by many with parades, dancing and other activities. Flags with the image of St George are flown on some buildings, especially on pubs.

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