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Hot air balloon regatta to launch from airport

10/05/2017 philip Hot Air Balloons at Events

As a part of the 30th anniversary celebrations of London City Airport, more than 50 hot air balloons will take flight from the airport’s runway.

The regatta is an annual event hosted by the Lord Mayor and this year’s edition will be taking place from London City Airport, located in the heart of the English capital and on the banks of the River Thames.

Furthermore, the launch of the balloons from the airport runways will mark an official world record attempt for the most balloons taking off from inside an international airport in the UK.

A balloon commissioned by the airport itself will join many more in this ballooning extravaganza, which will see balloons from around the world taking part. Pilots from Belgium, France, Spain and the USA will join other UK pilots on the day for a unique hot air balloon adventure.

Declan Collier, the airport CEO, is looking forward to hosting the event, stating that its runway will provide a stunning setting with the city’s iconic skyline and the River Thames as the perfect backdrop.

The Lord Mayor of London, Dr. Andrew Parmley, has highlighted that the event is a celebration of the many contributions businesses in the area have made to the local community. Awareness and funds raised by the regatta will be supporting the Lord Mayor’s Appeal.

The regatta is scheduled to take place on a Sunday in June, although a specific date has not been set as the event is reliant on favourable weather conditions. Therefore, it will take place on the first available Sunday with good flying conditions.

No flights from London City Airport will be disrupted by the regatta.

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