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Makeover for Bristol University balloon

24/05/2017 philip Hot Air Balloons at Events

The iconic hot air balloon belonging to the University of Bristol has recently received a makeover, just in time for it to take part in the city’s annual Hot Air Balloon Fiesta.

The launch of the new look balloon continues the university’s proud association with hot air ballooning.

The new design was debuted as it took to the skies earlier in the week, with the university describing the makeover as “edgy”. The balloon itself has retained its traditional red colour scheme and now features a revamped design.

In total, the balloon took over 300 hours to create. It stands at 22m tall and 18m wide, containing one kilometre of fabric and a further three kilometres of threading. It is the first time in 10 years that the university balloon has been updated, so it marks an exciting time for everyone involved in the creation and launch.

The balloon was designed and made in the city by famous manufacturing company Cameron Balloons. The vessel is a Z-105, with the ‘Z’ indicating the shape of the balloons and the ‘105’ signifying the amount of hot air it can hold (150,000 cubic feet).

This year’s edition of the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta is scheduled to begin on Thursday 10th August and is set to attract hundreds of balloons from all around the world, as well as thousands of enthusiasts wanting to see them take to the skies.

Hot air ballooning in Bristol is becoming increasingly popular thanks to events such as the Balloon Fiesta, and this has encouraged people to embark upon their own balloon experiences.

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