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Johnny Vegas shocks Cumbrian farmers with hot air balloon appearance

09/06/2017 philip Hot Air Balloons and Celebrities

A hot air balloon used by comedian Johnny Vegas surprised a Cumbrian farming family when it landed on their property whilst filming for a new television series.

The Whitehead family, of Newbiggin farm close to Penrith, were getting on with their daily chores and had just finished milking when the hot air balloon approached their land. It is not unusual for the family to see hot air balloons flying over their fields as nearby Dalemain is a popular take-off spot for balloonists in the area.

However, the family explained that hot air balloons do not tend to land in their field, especially balloons containing a famous Lancashire television personality. Vegas’ crew did telephone the Whitehead family in advance to check they were ok to land on their property if necessary, so the event was not completely unexpected for the farmers, but Johnny Vegas was a pleasant surprise.

Upon landing, Vegas stopped for a chat with the family and posed for photographs on their way through the fields and the farm yard. Matthew Whitehead told the News & Star that Vegas was as funny in real life as he is on screen.

The comedian, perhaps best known for his work on ITV’s Benidorm and the PG Tips advertising campaign, was in the area filming for a new series of BBC’s Home from Home following a successful pilot; this is set to air next year.

Hot air balloon rides in Bath and throughout the nation are becoming popular with the British public for a variety of reasons, whether that is just to take in the scenery or to celebrate a special occasion.

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