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The Belvoir Fruit Farms Special Shape, Drop Balloon Launches!

16/06/2017 Jo Bailey News

A new Hot Air Balloon has been born and it comes in a Special Shaped balloon which has been made specially by Cameron Balloons and will be operated by us here at Bailey Balloons. The balloon is for Belvoir Fruit Farms who produce natural, delicious Cordials, Pressés and Fruit Crushes.

The Belvoir, Drop Balloon was made by Cameron Balloons who worked very hard to create this special shape in time for a busy summer schedule. For those of you who like facts, here’s a few about the new Balloon!

The Belvoir Drop Balloon has already been tethered and will be attending many events throughout the summer. Below are some photos of the Balloons first tethered flight!

Look out for more action from the Belvoir Drop Balloon by following us on Twitter @BaileyBalloons and Belvoir Fruit Farms @BelvoirFF


Preparing the Balloon


Pilot Clive Bailey and Crew Member Charles Pratt setting up the Balloon


Pilot Clive Bailey inflating the Belvoir Drop Balloon


No, Clive doesn’t have massively long legs!


Clive Bailey & Jo Bailey enjoying #alittledropoflovely


The Belvoir Drop Balloon fully inflated!


A sneaky peak inside the Belvoir Drop Balloon


There was even time for Jo Bailey to help pick some Elderflower! | All Rights Reserved F Stop Press Ltd. (0)1773 550665 www.fstoppress.com


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